We believe that Chiropractic Care is more than just a Solution for Pain.

We believe that Chiropractic Care is Fundamental for Maintaining Good Health.

We believe that Chiropractic Wellness Care should be Convenient and Affordable!

That’s why we have implemented a fee structure that allows care

for nearly all budgets – regardless of insurance coverage.

Review our Retail Fee Schedule at the bottom of this page.


What if I have insurance?

Our office participates with some major medical health insurance programs and the programs we participate in varies from time to time.  We may also accept some auto accident cases, on a case by case basis.  However we do not accept workers compensation cases.

Since there are so many health insurance plans available and coverage can vary widely, please call your insurance carrier to see if you plan covers care in our office.



What if I don’t have insurance?

No Insurance?  No Problem!  Many people don’t have health insurance.  Some people have plans with high deductibles or co-payments, and others have plans that don’t cover chiropractic services at all.

We don’t want people who need chiropractic care to suffer because of poor or no insurance coverage.  Our Fee Schedule is designed to be affordable for nearly everyone.



Wellness Plans

We want to make it easy, affordable and convenient for our patients to receive ongoing chiropractic care for improving maintnenance, wellness and prevention. That’s why we are excited to announce a revolutionary new Chiropractic Wellness Program that nearly everyone can afford!



The Basic Health Wellness Program 

This Program is designed to help you get the care that you want, at a price you can afford.

It is a monthly auto-debit program, kind of like a gym membership, that allows our members to save substantially on their Chiropractic Wellness Care. 


There are 3 levels to choose from.  Which one is right for you?

Level 1.  The Functional Improvement Program

This Program is best suited for people who are looking to improve the structure and function of their spine and nervous system as quickly as possible.

Up to 12 Visits per Month (2-3 x’s per Week) for only $180.00 per Month!

Level 2.  The Weekly Wellness Program 

This Program is Best suited for people who are looking to gradually and consistently improve the quality of their health over the course of their lives.

Up to 4-5 Visits per Month (1 x per Week) for only $60.00 per Month!

Level 3.  The Monthly Wellness Program

This program is best suited for people who are looking to maintain ther current level of spinal and nervous system health by receiving monthly chiropractic care.

Up to 1 Visit per Month for only $25.00 per Month!

Additional Bonuses

Wellness exams and therapies may be included each visit at no extra charge* and Additional Wellness Visits

may be purchased for only $20.00 while the membership is active!

*Conditions do apply and the Basic Health Wellness Program simply isn’t for everyone.  

If that’s the case, our single retail adjustment fee is still only 45.00 and all other services are offered a la carte at our retail fee schedule.

Retail Fee Schedule


The following is a list of our most commonly used services at the usual and customary office fee schedule.

We provide this list so that patients know up front what our fees are and what their visits might cost them, depending on the services required each visit. 



 Examinations and X-Rays

Initial Exam / 75.00

Re-Exams, Office Visits and/or Follow-up Reports / 45.00

X-Rays / 25.00 per View 

Chiropractic Adjustments & Manual Therapy

Chiropractic Adjustments / 45.00

Manual Therapy / 35.00 per Unit 

Therapeutic Exercise and Passive Therapies

 Units of Time:    1 Unit  =  8-15 Minutes      2 Units  =  23-37 Minutes      3 Units  =  38-52 Minutes      4 Units  =  53-67 Minutes

 Cold Light Therapy / 20.00 per Unit

Electrical Muscle Stimulation / 20.00 per Unit

Therapeutic Exercise / 20.00 per Unit

Mechanical Traction / 20.00 per Unit

Therapeutic Ultrasound / 20.00 per Unit

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Private or Protected health information should not be disclosed via this website (comments or contact forms, etc.).  This website and or email systems or contact systems may not be secure.  Any information that you transmit via this website or contact forms, etc. is done at your own risk.

You have the right to rescind within seventy-two (72) hours any obligation to pay for services performed in addition to any free or discounted service(s) offered by Basic Health Chiropractic & Rehab, PLLC as per 201 KAR 21:065.

No discounted offers are valid for recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, Veterans Affairs, Black Lung, or Indian Health Service Plans or any other Federally funded healthcare programs.

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