Elbow Issues?

No Injections.   No Surgery.  Just Results!

Are you suffering from:

Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, Elbow Tendinitis, Weakness of Grip, Diffuse Elbow Pain, Radial Head Subluxation, etc?

Wow, bet you didn’t know that there were so many things that could cause elbow pain!  The fact is… we beat our elbows up.

When I was in my second year of chiropractic college, I had an accident and I suffered an Avulsion Fracture of my elbow.  An Avulsion is when a muscle contracts so hard that it pulls a chunk out of the bone.  It might not have looked like much on x-ray at the time – but let me tell you, I have broken several bones in the course of my life and that one hurt the most!

Why am I telling you this?  Well lets get one thing straight.  A chiropractor is not going to be able to help you with an avulsion fracture, or almost any break for that matter.  However, like a shoulder dislocation, an elbow injury can be a career ending injury for a chiropractor.

Halfway through chiropractic college, the last thing I wanted was an injury that could stop me before I even got started!  So, let’s just say that I became VERY MOTIVATED to study and understand the elbow!  Luckily, I healed from my injury and I am in practice today without any problems – and I have a great understanding of the elbow and how it works!

Like many musculoskeletal problems, many…but not all, elbow symptoms are the secondary effects of an underlying joint alignment problem.  Chiropractors are well trained to locate these dysfunctions and then correct them via adjustments.  More importantly, chiropractors can help identify movement pattern disorders that are secondary to postural distortions arising in the spine.

Other providers might not be aware of how the spine can affect shoulder and elbow function and cause the resulting symptoms.  Unfortunately, many people are forced to resort to taking medications to get temporary relief.  While they may get some relief, there are several problems.

First of all, if the symptom is coming from a joint misalignment or a vertebral subluxation, then no matter how long they take the medication – they are only masking the symptom.  Secondly, all medications – by definition- have side-effects.  And a third point, medications can be expensive, especially if they only provide temporary relief.  This brings me to my most important point.  If a joint is misaligned for too long, it will start to deteriorate.  If this happens for a long enough time…then unfortunately…surgery will be the only resort available.

So if you live in the area around Florence, KY and you are suffering from some sort of elbow pain, do yourself a favor and call us today and find out if we can help you too!



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